Our Impact

By purchasing Tuffocean guitar picks, you are contributing to healthier oceans and the circular economy. 

For every purchase of Tuffocean guitar picks, a portion of all revenue is donated to ocean conservation and cleanup efforts that benefit us all. 

Every pick is made from 100% reprocessed post-industrial plastic instead of virgin plastic. Why create new plastic when so much of it is never recycled? We strive to make the music industry more environmentally responsible and avoid the creation of new plastic wherever possible. 

We also support a cradle-to-cradle approach for our products. When your picks are at the end of their useful life, please feel free to recycle them or mail them back to us for reprocessing!  

Tuffocean has a growing group of friends in the environmental sector. Check out our partners below for more information about the initiatives we support!

Organizations we donate to:

Friends of Tuffocean: